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Programa de Pós-Graduação Stricto Sensu em Patologia Ambiental e Experimental

Programa de Pós-Graduação Stricto Sensu em Patologia Ambiental e Experimental da UNIP tem conceito 5 na CAPES
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Translational and Integrated Pathology

In this research theme, experimental and clinical studies are developed aiming at the comprehension of the physiopathology and the treatment of diseases and disorders caused by environmental factors, such as neurodegenerative diseases caused by stress, or by toxic, pharmacological, nutritional, or biological agents, neglected and emerging infectious diseases or related to variations in immunocompetence, tumor diseases, and mental disorders. The One World - One Medicine - One Health concept, which involves environmental, human, and animal issues, is the basis of the research developed under this theme.

Ecotoxicology and Therapeutic Innovations

In this research theme, studies seek to understand the evolution of diseases and disorders in different animal species that may result from anthropic interferences in nature, from exposure to toxic agents. At the same time, it aims at finding sustainable therapeutic answers for both human and veterinary problems under the One Health concept. Solutions such as the use of natural products from plants native to the Brazilian Amazon rainforest or to Mata Atlântica, biomes with a high degree of biodiversity, as the new uses for existing drugs, in addition to elucidating the mechanisms of action of dynamized, or highly diluted homeopathic products, which are used in Brazilian or foreign agriculture. Substances that interfere with the neuro-immune-endocrine axis and the use of experimental and behavioral models are also objects of study under this theme.