Academic Records

Academic  Records – UNIP is composed of the group of all the documentation of the university related to pedagogical activities. Its structure is defined by MEC's Ministerial Ordinance number 315, of April 04th, 2018 – which also defines procedures for the maintenance of the Academic Archive of the institutions belonging to the Federal Academic System, emphasizing  the pertinence of AR and of its administration.

AR's administration aims at efficiently and effectivelly  meeting the demands of governamental organs, as much as of the institution's internal necessities. Moreover,  it allows the maximum usage of the information available in the institution, facilitating consultations to documents – and, consequently – the pedagogical and administrative actions.

AR's administrations begins with the organization of the group of the procedures and of technical operations necessary for its activities and continues with the definition of the forms of filing and proceeding of documents

UNIP Academic Records - related activities follow the steps shown below: detailed analysis of MEC's Decree number: 315/2018,emphasizing the items which compose AR; mapping of the documents (considering their formats: paper, cd, pendrive, etc) from different departments; survey of the items archived on the university's systems; elaboration of an action-plan for ensuring  AR – UNIP adapts to the norms stated on MEC's decree nbr 315/2018; putting the plan into practice.

Responsible for UNIP's Academic Records:
Prof. Marina da Camino Ancona Lopez Soligo, PHD