The main mission of Paulista University (UNIP) is that of being a centre for the generation and spreading of knowledge, articulating the activities of teaching, research and further activities, in line with the demands set by contemporary society and the world of work, respecting diversity and cultivating solidarity, inclusion, human values and ethics, seeking the production of citizens who are qualified and potentially able to make a contribution towards the social and economic development of their region of influence.
According to Article 3 of its Statutes and also according to Article 2 of the University By-Laws, the Paulista University (UNIP) has the following purposes, to make its objectives materialize:

  • promotion of Teaching, Research and Further Education through cultivation of knowledge, in the knowledge domains of Philosophy, Science, Languages, the Arts and Technical Subjects, and their application to serve the progress of the community and human beings in general;
  • contribution towards the general and technical qualifications of the community, through the preparation of professional people and qualified specialists in the different fields of knowledge, as also for the qualification of University-level technicians;
  • participation in the process of development of the community living within the catchment area and also the extended area of influence;
  • contribution to the strengthening of solidarity between people;
  • collaboration with the efforts towards the development of the Country, establishing articulation with the Government institutions and also with private enterprise, for the study of problems at regional and national level;
  • participation in the process to solve community problems, through the promotion of cultural initiatives and also the provision of technical assistance services.

According to Article 3 of the University By-Laws, in order to reach the aims as here proposed, the Paulista University (UNIP) follows the principles of respect for personal dignity and fundamental rights, rejecting any form of discrimination.